Vectorove is a platform where you can browse and customize vector illustrations to use them however you like without attribution or any cost. Or you can just find inspiration to make cool projects faster.

Vectorove is here to let you focus on what you do best: create user experience, develop websites and make your clients dreams come true.

Why Vectorove?

  • With color picker you will set the desired color scheme for your project, you don't have to be a graphic designer or know any graphic design software,
  • your website or app will remain lightweight and load fast thanks to SVG format,
  • your project will look good on any screen, with SVG you don't need to think about pixels and resolutions,
  • download and use as many illustrations as you need, they are free.

How this works?

  • you can use all images, assets and vectors published on this site marked as downloadable,
  • you can use them for free in all noncommercial and commercial works,
  • you may use the vectors and images freely, you don't need any written permission from the author,
  • you don't need to make any attribution to the creators of Vectorove,
  • you gain nonexclusive, worldwide copyright from me,
  • you can download, copy, modify and use assets from Vectorove for free.

What you cannot do:

  • you are not allowed to replicate, compile and publish assets and images from Vectorove on a competing service,
  • you cannot sell or redistribute the images individually or in packs.
  • This extends to automated and non-automated ways to link, embed, scrape, search or download the assets included on Vectorove website without my written permission.

Who's making Vectorove?

All illustrations are designed by Monika Suchodolska – illustrator from Poland. If you want to contact me or show me where you used the illustrations (I would love that!), write me and e-mail: monika@vectorove.com.

The platform was designed and created by Ola and Hubert from OH! Studio.